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Mediteam was established in 1995. Our dedicated staff has extensive experience in the provision of services to onshore and offshore related businesses.

This enables us to deliver services to a clientele with a big range. We have special expertise in onshore, offshore, marine and diving related legislation.

This enables us to deliver services to a clientele with a big range. We have special expertise in onshore, offshore, marine and diving related legislation.
Mediteam participating in the United Nations Global Compact program and thus supports the ten principles of this initiative covering human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We follow these standards:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development
  • The United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Our Aim:

We shall be leading in the delivery of health and working services in line with regulatory requirements, customer expectations, ethical rules and best professional standard.

Mediteam AS is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, where customer focus and continuous improvement related to all aspects of our business are key elements of our management system.

Policy statement is available here.

Values and attitudes:

Our values ​​and attitudes provides guidance on how we develop our business and how we meet our clients and partners.

Our Crew:

John Hjelle

John Hjelle

Specialists in occupational medicine and general manager. Authorized diving doctor, petroleum doctor and seafarer doctor.

E-post: john.hjelle@mediteam.no
Tlf. direkte: +4751856111 / mobil: +4740850500

Have great enthusiasm for occupational health with special competence regarding the health of divers and offshore health. Puts a strong focus on customer needs and can swing quickly on and off the dance floor.

Inger Johanne Dale Angelsen

Inger Johanne Dale Angelsen

Occupational Health Nurse

E-post: inger@mediteam.no
Tlf. direkte: +4751856113 / mobil: +4746281566

Work experience in psychiatry, emergency medicine, next of kin preparedness and management. Strive for good occupational health in a positive, safe working environment, with humour and best use of individual health and resources.

Winnie Lyngra

Winnie Lyngra

Adviser and Operations Manager/Occupational Health Nurse.

E-post: winnie.lyngra@mediteam.no
Tlf. direkte: +4751856115 / mobil: +4746774535

Educated nurse with master degree in Civil protection. Have a great commitment to HSE, risk assessment, health promotive- and preventive work at individual, group and community level. Otherwise energetic and positive, with a twinkle in her eye!

Anne Hjelle

Anne Hjelle

PhD, Civil Engineer, Toxicologist, Specialist in External Environment Toxicology, Molecular Biologist.

E-post: anne@mediteam.no
mobil: +4797590954

Experience in research, project management, and consultancy regarding in toxicology / ecotoxicology / molecular biology. Engaged with overall risk / risk assessment and health effects of combined exposure, and methodologies that can increase the prevention potential for work-related illnesses. Engaged presenter and instructor.

Tina Marie Monge Are

Tina Marie Monge Are

Managing Director of, and Occupational Hygenist at Jæren Bedriftshelsetjenste AS

E-post: post@jbht.no / tina@jbht.no
Tlf. direkte: +4751799560 / mobil: +4791904799

Leads a group of highly engaged employees with extensive experience in occupational health.

Jæren Occupational health service has a large customer base with significant experience span. Personal involvement and earthiness, seriousness and flexibility in relation to customer requirements are core values of the company.

Torbjørn Eide Gunnarsen

Torbjørn Eide Gunnarsen

Managin Director of HMS Analyse AS / Occupational hygienist

E-post: teg@hmsanalyse.no
mobil: +47 917 59 119

Contribute to a safer working environment regarding chemical, biological and physical environmental factors. Has experience in occupational hygiene from both offshore and onshore industry.

Lindis Knudsen Haaland

Lindis Knudsen Haaland

Occupational Physiotherapist / Ergonomist

E-post: lindis@ergonomene.no
mobil: +4794496231

Has worked as a physiotherapist since 1998, experience as an ergonomist since 2009. Particular experience and interest in the offshore industry with mapping and risk assessment. Drive for public health and for people to work under acceptable conditions and have the opportunity to influence their work.

Our Services

  • We are offering a wide selections of courses within our field of expertise. Courses are offered in both small and large groups, whether in the client’s locations or with us at Sjøveien 34. See our course calendar for more information. We can also assist in arranging courses according to your wishes.

  • The regulations relating to systematic health, environment and safety work in enterprises (Internal Control Regulations) requires that the manager of the business is obliged to ensure systematic monitoring of the legal requirements. This must be done in cooperation with workers and their representatives.

    We assist companies with establishing and developing internal control systems.

    We help you with:

    • Basic health risk assessments
    • Development of action plans
    • Advice regarding systematic HSE work
    • Working environment mappings
    Systematic HSE work
  • Occupational medicine dealing with prevention and assistance by experiencing work-related injury.

    We offer among other things:

    • Consultations regarding preventive occupational health
    • Exposure Survey
    • Targeted / selective health monitoring
      • Audiometry (hearing test)
      • Spirometry (lung function test)
    • Mapping of individual work-related health risks
    • Mapping of possible occupational diseases
    • Doctor Consultations on work-related health problemsr
    • Assistance in abuse matters (AKAN), e.g. assist in establishing systems and individual follow up
    • Assistance in sickness absence management
    Occupational Medicine
  • The psychosocial work environment is essential for well-being and social interaction in the workplace.

    We contribute to creating a positive working environment.

    Examples of what we can assist with are:

    • Questionnaire mapping (eg use of QPS Nordic using a web-based questionnaire)
    • Individual structured interviews
    • Assistance regarding conflict and bullying. We can carry out factual survey method in dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace
    • Stress management
    • Psychological first aid for employees who have been involved in serious crisis and accidents at work
    • Assist in getting employees to return to work through follow-up and/or referrals
    Psychosocial work
  • Our goal is to reduce unnecessary strain and overload.

    We help companies:

    • Ergonomic surveys onshore and offshore
    • Mapping of occupational group level with a focus on muscle and skeletal problems
    • Risk assessments
    • Instructions/education
    • Participation in relevant project
    • Planning of new construction and renovation of buildings
    • Ergonomic assistance in the development of special workplaces
  • Re. Working Environment Act; all employees are entitled to a work environment that provides the basis for a healthy and meaningful working conditions, which safeguard employees against physical and mental harm.

    We help companies:

    • Systematic monitoring of risk factors in the work environment
      • Identification of risk factors
      • Working environment area charts (WEAC)
      • Mapping of chemical, physical and biological occupational exposure
      • Health risk assessments
      • Identification of risk groups
      • Risk-based health monitoring
      • Assessment / suggestions for risk mitigation and monitoring
    • Development of management system for health and working environment
    • Preparation of procedures and guidelines
    • Requirement specifications and procurement of health and working tools
    • Training and information
    Occupational hygiene
  • We issue these medical certificates:

    • Offshore health certificate (approved petroleum doctor)
    • Health certificate for seafarers (authorized seafarer physician)
    • Health certificate for driving license
    • Smoke diver health certificate (both in relation to the requirements of Norwegian Oil Industry Association and Labour Inspection)
    • Health certificate for sport divers
    • Health certificate for crane operators

    To book an appointment, please call +4751856100

    Health certificates
  • Mediteam has extensive experience with professional vaccinations and travel vaccinations (including yellow fever). Vaccination is done based on risk and exposure.

    Please contact us if you or your company needs counseling travel medicine, vaccines, vaccine setting or do a risk assessment in relation to which vaccines are necessary.

    Call us on telephone +4751856100 or contact here.

  • Mediteam has long experience in carrying out inspections on land, platforms, living quarters, ships and diving support vessels within:

    • Medical emergency preparedness and management
    • Hospital set up
    • General hygiene
    • Food hygiene
    • Potable water (supply bases and vessels, rigs and installations)
    • Working environment factors
    • Vessels
    • Diving systems
  • John Hjelle har arbeidet som dykkerlege siden 1985, og har lang erfaring og mye kompetanse innen fagområdet. Han arbeider nå med rådgivning til operatørselskaper og leverandører innen dykkermedisin og medisinsk beredskap.

    He is a member of the Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). The committee consists of specialists in diving from including all of Europe, and works to improve medical and safety aspects of commercial diving.

    John has been a member of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Subsea Operations Network, which works to improve the working environment for divers.

    Diving Medicine


Jæren Occupational Health Service

Jæren Occupational Health Service is a subsidiary of Mediteam. They are located at Bryne, and contributes to a greater professional and geographic expertise and range. We also collaborate with occupational health services throughout Norway, which is beneficial forclients who require HSE / OHS services elsewhere in the country.

Legal adviser Anne Mork

20 years experience in Labor Law / HR and Personnel/Health, Environment and Safety / Risk Management and Quality. – Human Resource Management – Develop/maintain Personnel Policy Manuals – Advise and assist in work-related conflicts/bullying or harassment – Management of change and redundancies – Staffing/Dismissal/Resignation – Audit of quality and HSE management system/supplier audit

Gnist psychologists

We cooperate with Gnist psychologists. They ensure quick, confidential and qualified assistance if needed. They contribute with, among other things: – Psychological guidance and counselling – Examination and treatment of all mental health problems – Stress management – Management of crisis and psychological trauma – Lectures In addition, Mediteam has internal resources with experience and relevant training in psychiatry and long experience in dealing with psychological trauma. We also stimulate to the use of the local support network such as colleagues, family and friends.  

Five midwives

We have cooperation with Five midwiwes. They can assist with the planning and monitoring of pregnant workers.


Mediteam is an approved company in accordance with the requirements of The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. Mediteam prequalified Achilles Joint Qualification System (Achilles FKO, Achilles Joint Qualification System – JQS).

Mediteam is an authorized yellow fever vaccinator from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and WHO.

Mediteam can issue a health certificate for offshore work, for work on vessels (sailor medical certificate), for professional and scuba diving, and for driving (driving license).

Some of our clients

Our clients include small, medium and large private and public enterprises. We work with clients in the construction industry, university, oil companies, diving and underwater work, mechanical engineering, glass facade, restaurants, cleaning, office work and rescue services.

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